You Don’t Have to Believe to Take Action.

Today I was talking to my girlfriend and I made the statement “things are looking up.” We’re moving in together and we haven’t been able to find an apartment that’s in our price range. When the words came out of my mouth I didn’t believe a word of them and I even proceeded to knock on wood. Once we were off of the phone I wondered to myself. When had I become so cynical? Then the words ” you don’t have to believe to take action” whispered up from somewhere inside. I thought of the ‘dryer theory’ that had occurred to me a few months ago when my mom was moving into a new apartment. My mom had decided that she didn’t want to take this old beat up dryer into the new place. My girlfriend decided that she had a great idea. She suggested that we place the dryer on a blanket and drag it to the dump.

In my mind I thought that it was the most stupid idea I had ever heard. I didn’t believe it would work. Instead of making my girlfriend feel bad about her suggestion I chose to simply give it a try. It was the easiest time I’d ever had moving a piece of furniture. It worked simply because I had taken action in spite of my belief. Fast forward to present day. I’ve become a bit of a cynic. I don’t believe that good things will happen to me. I experienced a bit of a rough year in 2015. I lost my job, I gained 100 pounds, and I chose to leave one of the greatest cities on earth New York city. When I pay attention I see that good things have happened. I spent a year getting closer to my mom and sister, I met my girlfriend, and I was able to pause for awhile in order to discover what really matters to me but my faith in the universe is suppressed. And that’s ok.

The thing is, at least for me is that I still don’t believe in a lot. I don’t believe that I’ll ever lose this 100 extra pounds. I don’t believe that I’ll ever find a career that values me and in which I feel valuable. Heck I don’t even believe that my girlfriend and I will find ourselves an apartment. But the truth is I don’t have to. I simply need to keep taking action and maybe just maybe my belief will catch up. In the mean time I’ll treat life like a dryer on a blanket and keep on pulling. Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk again soon.


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