The Friend Zone

Two months ago I grew tired of sitting at home all alone so I decided to upload some dating apps. I’d already been connected to OkCupid, so I decided to download tinder and POF(plenty of fish). As many of you know by now I am Queer. That’s why when it came time to choose dating preferences I chose to pick men and women to date. The only problem was that on my POF app I could only choose men and women separately and not together. One day while I was under the “interested in women” preference I stumbled across a woman who I will choose to call Lemonade. Lemonade and I hit it off and we began to speak on the phone. We would speak for long periods of time but during one of our conversations Lemonade revealed to me that she was both still seeing her ex and sleeping with one other lover on the side. It was clear to me that she had baggage but I became confused because we spoke everyday for hours. Finally we met in person. When we met she threw a few playful pokes in my direction and afterward in my mind I believed that our relationship would take off (was I crazy).

A week later I went away for a trip to NYC and during one of my conversations with Lemonade I revealed that I was interested in pursuing romantic pursuits. She told me that she just wanted to be my friend. Now what you must know about her is that no one had ever tried to just be friends with Lemonade. I on the other hand had been placed in the friend zone too many times to count. I could feel the tensions rising. After my trip to New York I was back safely at home and texting Lemonade. She was talking to me about her niece and she sent the text “I could never be a parent.” My response was “I think we would have great sex.” A fight ensued and we stopped speaking for awhile. I deleted her phone number with the intention of never speaking to her again but  sometime later she called me and said that I never hit her up anymore. She was confused as to why I didn’t immediately know who she was when she called. I wondered is there some chain of command that creates the desired and people who desire them? Are we supposed to accept the friend zone and have someone in our lives to the extent that they are capable of being around? Whatever the case no good ever comes from it. Since Lemonade has reentered my life I’ve tried to reach out to her a few times and now she ignores me. It’s becoming clearer to me as time progresses that if two people are not on the same page there’s really no point in reading the book. And I want out of the friend zone! Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk again soon.