What is it about D*ck?

A few weeks ago I met a man. In my opinion he was okay. He did what men typically do towards me. He said a few cheesy lines and then he asked me for my phone number. Initially when we began to text I felt totally uninterested. Then something weird happened. He had showered me in all of these compliments and with all these text that made me smile, and then suddenly because I wasn’t biting back he simply stopped texting me. I had not  been interested but when the text stopped suddenly this guy seemed like a rare gem. Suddenly I started to reach out and even flirt a bit during our exchanges. It got me to thinking. Do nice guys really finish last? Is it true that in order to receive a woman’s attention a man needs to ignore her first. Is ignoring a woman the new normal?  Does it prove a man’s normalcy? Does it mean he’s not desperate? What is it about dick that makes dating so very complicated? whatever the case I thought it would be nice to bring here. I’d love to hear some other opinions. Thanks for reading. That’s all for now.

Keep Calm


Blank Space

Three months ago I lost my job. I feel so much shame in the admission of those words. I didn’t meet my job’s standards and I was let go. As a result I feels as though I’m not good enough for anything in life. I’ve been sitting around lackluster and lacking the willingness to get up and try again. It feels like the end of the world. The reason I’m sharing this is because I may not be the only person who feels this way about job status. I didn’t know it then but my work made me feel worth something. Years before working it was my college status that made me feel worth something. I’ve never been worth something simply due to the fact that I take up space on this planet. Maybe that’s the reason for this post. I need to leave it somewhere. I need to share that I am currently not working and it sucks and it’s hard but maybe it’s exactly where I need to be. I also need to bite the bullet and blog because I haven’t in a really long time. For awhile going forward I plan to use this blog space to share extraordinary in my ordinary experience. I want to know if I really am living in a blank space or if there is color in my world even when it feels bland. Look out for the new experiment and thank you for reading. Until next time. I’m done for now.