The Only Constant…

Is change. Or so I have been told my whole life. I feel grateful to take a moment to write in this blog space. I am happy to share what has been going on with you all. It may be brief, but at least I get to leave it here. Two years ago I was in this space sharing deep and personal challenges with all of you. The feedback has been amazing. I never knew that other people would be so receptive of my writing. Thank you. Lately I have been facing new levels of challenge. I’ve started a career in teaching, and I also started working in a graduates program. It is hard to share the success because then I am responsible for it. Still, the truth is I have changed (see below).


It feels scary to change. It is uncomfortable to transform. Yet both change and transformation are happening in my life and I am excited to bring it here to you all to share. No real specifics in this post, but trust there will be more to come.

The thing is at least for me willingness to change takes real courage. It doesn’t mean that we never feel fear. The most influential people in history knew this truth and they were of service to a lot of people. I hope than in continuing to post in this blog I will be of service to you too. Blog flaws and all. Thank you for stopping by.