A Sunday Kind of Love

Hi all! Did you get through it? Yes I am talking about Valentines Day. Well none the less here’s my experience on 2/14/15. I hope you enjoy it. I woke up single, but something was different. I didn’t believe that the day was about to be sad and lonely I was excited to wake up to myself. Dare I say I was even grateful to be single. I went out of the house and decided to choose love over fear. Later in the day I was running to catch a bus in the snowy streets of New York City (Brooklyn). It wasn’t the best plan and I fell right in the middle of the street!Then I heard the mantra again “Today I will choose love over fear.” I looked up and right in front of me was the most inviting boutique in Bedstuy (http://www.peaceandriot.com) that I’d have missed had I caught the bus. I had a serendipitous moment of sorts with myself and I bought myself this (see below).


Loving gift to myself

Later in the day I headed home in the streets of a still snowing NY. I stopped at the grocery store and headed to my apartment to clean and prepare dinner for myself. As I was cleaning I had a moment. I stopped looked out the window as the snow dropped against my Brooklyn window seal I could hear John Legend crooning “Ordinary People” in the background and the smell of inscents and aroma therapy (lavender) filled my nostrils, and then it hit me. Me, myself and I have a Sunday kind of love.

The thing is, at least for me, loving myself is an experience that I can have without the permission of others. Loving myself is an adventure. Today I invite everyone to recognize themselves and to see that when it’s all said and done the person you came in with will be the same person that you leave with too. It’s you! I invite us all to love ourselves! It’s a gift to the world. Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk again soon!

All Feelings Valentines Day!!!