Voicing Up for the Voiceless

What happens when we get angry? What happens when we speak up about the causes of that anger? Do we get shot down, shut in, and told to shut up? In recent weeks I have witnessed just that. I am referring to Ferguson. I am referring to Michael Brown the 18 year old man-child who was murdered for being, not in the wrong place at the wrong time, but for being a black male in a divided and racially charged environment. I’m referring to the United States of America. He had no criminal record. I remember sitting at the Diner table 2 days after the murder and hearing about it for the first time. You see I don’t watch the news, I let the news come to me, and for this reason I was late hearing about what happened to a young Black man-child in Ferguson, Missouri. I remember thinking to myself as I heard the news about Michael Brown: “Wow there goes another voice unheard; another voice unsung, yet, history had been made. I wonder why our young Black boys only make history when they have bullets shot into their torsos?” And I am angry.

I am angry that another man-child had to sacrifice his life in order to induce change. But I won’t ask why, Instead I’ll ask what now? The late Maya Angelou said that when we know better we do better. What now can I do to support the imminent change that is abreast? For me writing this blog post is a start. I don’t claim to be the voice of the people, what I’m coming here to say is that I am of the people. I still have a voice that can be heard. I have a song in my soul that can be shared, and it is my job to do so. For Michael Brown, for Trayvon Martin, and for every black man-child whose only crime is being born of color in a White patriarchal society. It would be foolish of me to think that if I just kept living my life and “let it go,” got back Facebook, and worked even harder to be a “good girl,” that this indecency wouldn’t happen again. We live in a modern day Hunger Game and the world is in a constant Quarter Quell. I want to wake up before another life is lost.


The thing is at least for me, I could go on living life with the motto that “only the docile survive,” but I can do better, and I certainly know better too. I don’t know that this blog post will do anymore than piss a few people off, but it has to be said that it’s a travesty to know what happened to Michael Brown and to not let it ignite the voices that can be helpful. I encourage everyone who has an offering to share it, be it your blog, through music, a Facebook status, or the Intentional way that you move in your life. Wake up. We all have to die but while we’re here let’s not let the demise of those before us be in vain. Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk again soon.



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