I must say that this one was a hard one for me to write. Still I’m writing it because it may be beneficial to someone. I was speaking to my mother the other day about our individual lives. She’s going through a rough patch, and life for her has definitely been no crystal stair. Well she said something to me that rocked my world and I’d like to share it with you all: “If I we had known that we had value, and that we were valuable, we would have made valuable choices. Instead we were told that we ain’t shit so we made ain’t shit choices, and look at what we got now… ain’t shit results. Her words took the wind out of my soul and reset the sails of my purpose. I also felt instant compassion. In that moment talking to my mother I realized a few things.


The first thing that I realized is that in life we all have choices. Even when we’ve made a few choices that have taken our lives on different courses we still have a choice. I also realized that life isn’t over. My mother was dropping into the mistakes that she had made in her past but she wasn’t connecting to the reality that now she knows that she is valuable. Now she can make valuable choices. The last thing that I realized is that hurt people hurt people. The people that raised my mom were probably taught as well that they didn’t hold value. They were simply passing on the information that they had been conditioned to believe. It astounds me that programming of that caliber can travel from generation to generation and ruin lives, family and ultimately people…

The thing is at least for me, we are all valuable. My mother may not have known it then, but I hope that she realizes now that she is a Q.U.E.E.N (quality, unique, enlightening, engaging, and naturally) valuable person. Not because of what she does, simply because she exists. We all are. We are all divine creatures that deserve to be who we are. Besides as quote that I recently read says, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously none of us makes it out alive anyway. Therefore live you truths. Take your risks, and make your mark. The world needs your mark. Thanks for stopping by. Let’s talk again soon.