I Dare You To Move

In the previous year, I have written several blogs describing my process with trying to keep my former apartment. I showed you all pictures of me at HRA in NYC. I described my experiences with long lines at the food stamp office. I shared the moment that I was hired for the position that I hold at my current job. I even welcomed you all into the picture of what it was like to do all of this while going through a breakup. It was challenging. Ironically, through all of those challenges I still had to move. I didn’t want to, but I did. The job and the good intention could not help me to afford an opportunity to pay all my financial arrears. I felt shame about it, but honestly nothing is new under the sun. While walking this destiny of mine I want to remember that what is meant for me is meant solely for me. It comes effortlessly and I don’t have to neglect myself or the well being of others to get it; and I have to be honest with you guys, since I have moved my whole life has moved in the process.


I have experienced every upswing from literally having an upswing in my mood to the more exciting prospect of now living with two gentlemen who make me feel valuable in our home. It all feels like a miracle. Maybe it is, but when I look back on the last year and all that I have walked through,  I am tempted to believe that really what is starting to happen are the fruits of continued efforts. I’m excited to finally be willing to do the work. I want to share a quick story: The other night while working I met a man who is well known throughout the world for his community efforts. He’s a writer and activists. He often travels the world for numerous speaking engagements. When we met I did not know who he was. To me he was just another customer that deserved great customer service. When he approached my register the funniest thing happened. He complimented me on my style and beauty. He gave me good customer service! We exchanged small pleasantries and at some point in the conversation he asked me what my passions were. I explained that enjoyed writing, performing, and motivating others. That’s when he revealed who he was to me, handed me his card, and told me to be in contact with him. I since have and I don’t really know what will come of it. What I do know; had I stopped making efforts last year to move into a different experience I would not have met this man. I would not have been presented with this opportunity. Maybe I would have, but I would not have been ready.


The thing is, at least for me is that moving moves things. I am excited that I had to literally move to understand this concept. Still, what’s more important is the movement that came along with continuing to persevere through the challenges. I feel excited, confident, and capable of showing up in ways that I had not before. I wonder… what else can be moved? What other old belief can be smashed? I hope that if anyone is reading this and they feel stuck in some way that they can be inspired by my story. In the words of every great achiever in history: “If I can do it anyone can.” I truly believe it. Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk again soon.