Where There is Movement…

I was speaking with a friend the other night and she asked me how I was. One of the things that I told her was that I was experiencing so much movement in my life. Her response was that: where there is movement there is light. She had taken the image from an article that she had been reading earlier and I totally agreed. I began to think about the past year and how much literal movement had taken place for me. I was amazed to realize that I am finally in a space where I am watching my life shift. You all remember. Constant visits to HRA in New York City for governmental assistance (see picture below). There was also the experience of being unemployed while having just lost a relationship that meant a great deal to me. Not to mention my attempt to produce a writing project to form an anthology; and all to no avail.


Still, that’s not my point.  My point is that I kept moving. I wanted to bring that message here. I want to remind everyone that where there is movement there is light. I would like to add that where there is movement there is hope. We win when we keep going. Even when we don’t know what getting through the thick of an experience will look like.  We keep going because it matters. I was thinking about how this morning on Friday the 13th 2013 I woke to Beyonce having just released her 5th album. The point isn’t that Beyonce is fierce or even that she’s winning (though she is), the point is that if she had stopped moving when Destiny’s Child broke up the first time around the world would have missed so much of her light. It would have been unfortunate. I am grateful that she didn’t stop moving. Her actions inspire the same courage from so many people. I know that I am moved by her.


The thing is at least for me. I want to remember that where there is movement there is light and hope. I don’t know what the next year holds but I look forward to the experience. I look forward to bringing them here to share with you. I am so grateful for the movement and I encourage everyone to keep the movement going. I am grateful that things always change. I am grateful that I am in my life and present for it today. I so excited to experience this messy, amazing, weird, loving, poetic, wild, and beautiful life! There is definitely more to be experienced. I want to hear from you all too. Email me your stories @ brittaneydharden@gmail.com and let’s support each other. I will share your stories here. Let’s do it together. Thanks for stopping by. Let’s talk again soon!