George Zimmerman Not Guilty?

Twenty-six years I have been planted here on earth and I have seen more than a few historical markers take place. Unfortunately, most have been tragic. Bush being voted into office for eight years, the world trade centers being smashed to the ground by terrorist’s attacks. It felt like things were going to be much better when the first African American president was voted into office, Mr. Barrack Obama, to some extinct it has. Then a young Black boy by the name of Trayvon Martin loses his life to the hands of a half White half Hispanic man George Zimmerman. Killed and shot dead, cold in the ground, and never to have a family of his own; never to travel the world and see that peace exists out there somewhere; never to find his “tribe.” We ask why? Was it because of one night in his life where he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and at the hands of an alleged raging racist who allegedly was defending himself from being harmed? Or is it something deeper? 



It’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate that Trayvon’s is lost. It’s unfortunate that as of yesterday Zimmerman will not be formally punished for the crime of taking the life of Trayvon Martin. However, he is being punished. This man will not be able to safely walk the streets again in his life. Simple luxuries (going to the store, vacationing with family, walking the streets) are now obsolete in his world. Because of his poor choice, two lives were lost; Trayvon Martin’s, as well as George Zimmerman’s. I believe not in vain. It is due to this experience and not in spite of it that America is waking up! Black people across the nation are connecting to how afraid we feel and how under served we are treated by our government. I see white people acknowledging for the first time that this is a White democracy. Here to protect White people. For the first time in my life I see people acknowledging the proverbial elephant in the room. I am happy for it; because we are acknowledging it there is space to change it. It’s because we are tired of the pain that there is space to heal. I am not excusing Zimmerman’s actions. I am expressing gratitude for the national revolution that has arisen from these unfortunate circumstances. Here is an opportunity to look at our governmental systems and get what WE need from it. Here is an opportunity.


The thing is, at least for me. Everyday I ask myself if I am living in love or if I am living in fear. The unfortunate demise of Trayvon Martin has sparked tons of fear, specifically in the Black community. Still here is an opportunity to allow this young boy’s demise to not be in vain. I am upset. I am disappointed by the verdict. It doesn’t mean that justice can’t be served. It doesn’t mean that a community of people has to be mired deeper into the pits of anger. Is it love or is it fear? The revolution is here. The revolution will certainly not be televised, but it will be another marker in the history of this nation, and it is up to us to make sure that it is not marked by fear. Here is the opportunity. Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk again soon.